Why Video Works for Businesses in 2021 – vlog

Everywhere you turn you are being told that video is an essential tool for your business.

It’s not all doom and gloom with extra costs and hassles, using video can save you time and money and grow your business.

Through a combination of recent stats and real world examples, I’ll bring you up to speed on the use of video in business in 2021.

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– Welcome to our blog on the question of why video works for businesses in 2021. Everywhere you turn you’re being told that video is an essential tool for your business. It’s not all doom and gloom with extra hassle and costs. Using video in your business can save you time and help you grow your business. Through a combination of stats and real world examples, I’ll bring you up to speed on the use of video for business in 2021. Simply, we are watching way more videos and it’s not just cat or dog videos on Facebook and YouTube. First stat of the blog and it’s from Wistia’s State of Video Report 2021. As with all sources, the link is on this blog. Wistia is a business video hosting company that is designed exclusively for companies for their sales and marketing. So this stat is all about business videos. So the stat, and we’re talking in billions of minutes, that’s billions. So in 2019, there were over 6 billion minutes of videos watched on Wistia. In 2020, it was over 12 billion, nearly doubling. This is obviously to do with the global pandemic. However, I can’t see the figures dropping dramatically again. The genie is out of the bottle. Using video saves you and your employees time. An example of this, I was recently talking to a business owner who has a flooring business. He has a good product that sells very well. It requires a good deal of explaining to the clients and to the building contractors as well, which takes up a lot of his time. He made a video of the process and the finished floor. He now shares that link with prospective clients and they can send it on to other people involved in the project. This saves him so much time and explains his process and service, and shows his product off as well. Anywhere where you have to explain how to and you do this repeatedly, think about making a video. If it’s something on a computer, make a screen recording. Video is constantly changing and evolving to match our changing world. Short-form business videos were and still are hands down the most juice type of business video, but, again from Wistia’s report. In 2020, they saw the biggest jump in the upload of long-form videos of 30 minutes or more, a whopping 140% on the previous year. Long-form is here to stay. Webinars and conferences and presentations are becoming the norm, giving us the ability to reach larger numbers of customers and beyond our geographical area. Also remember that you can edit a lot of these long-form videos into clips for use on social media, something we have been doing for a lot of Social Video HQ’s clients. Video can help you shorten your sales cycle. Using video on social media, you can become a thought leader in your area of expertise. So when prospective clients have a need, they will think of you. People buy from people. Video helps you build a rapport with prospective customers online. Even though it’s through video, they feel that they’ve already met you and know you. In a post-pandemic world, consumers will rely on these type of interactions more and more to make their decisions. Your videos will help your business grow, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you a better work-life balance. Different generations. What types of videos interest them and how that can benefit your business. My source here is Think with Google, and as with all our sources, a link is on the blog. Interestingly, 70% of millennial YouTubers, that’s from 23 to 39 years old watched YouTube to learn how to do something. If this is your target market, what instructional videos could you be putting on YouTube to engage this demographic? Sources like Google are a great way to learn the habits of your ideal clients and start a conversation with them. I hope you got some real value from this month’s blog. Please subscribe and sign up for more content on helping businesses to communicate online. Thanks.