Three marketing tools that are easy to implement – EP 004 of “The Marketing Hub”

On this episode of The Marketing Hub, we have marketing consultant Marc Thornton from DTA Marketing, talking about three, free marketing tools that are easy to implement.

The Marketing Hub series has experienced marketing professionals sharing their expertise, helping you to improve your marketing knowledge and grow your business. The host, Paul McDermott, owner of video agency, Social Video HQ is right there with you learning and hopefully demystifying marketing along the way.

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Today, we’re going to talk about three free

marketing tools that

are easy to implement,

and I’m delighted to say

I have a managing director

of DTA Marketing, Marc Thornton.

Here to talk us through them.

Hi, Mark. Hi, Paul.

Delighted to be here.

Mark, great to have you on.

So, Mark, we’ll get straight into it.

What’s the first tool

we’re going to talk about?

First marketing gem

that’s for free is

what I call “The Pillars”.

It’s three words

that describe what you really,

really do for your customers.

They can be attached to your logo

templates, power points

and email signatures

which we’ll talk about later.

The words should really be what

what actions or what

aspects of the business

that you’re helping

rather than the products or services.

So things like a IT

company might say they protect

would be one of their key words,

enhance to get the maximum use

out of their systems.

My own three words

are vision, direction, growth and vision

is looking at the bigger picture

as a marketing person.

Direction is seeing what a plan

might be on the ground

an actionable plan.

And growth means the implementation part,

but allows you like the elevator

pitch to discuss this

with your clients and prospects.

And then they say, oh,

I see how you can help me.

Now, that’s really valuable,

rather than just the specific

service or product.

Okay, that’s that’s great.

And the second tool Marc,

the second tool is your email signature.

Again, it’s free.

It’s in both Google and Microsoft.

And basically, most companies

use their name and address

and telephone number, position.

That’s kind of boring, as we all know.

But how about getting your

designer to make a block

where it has your logo in full colour,

which won’t be rejected

by most systems,

add in your pillars,

or maybe a slogan

or maybe your product areas.

Because if you can categorise it,

sometimes that might,

people don’t always know

all the services you offer.

They might know you for one

service or product.

Well, this is a great way of showing it

a little nutshell.

Adding in your awards, Paul,

you’ve won awards.

I’ve been All Star accredited.

They’re all valuable things to show.

And if you don’t tell your customers

and contacts about it,

they’re never going to know.

So show off.

That’s the place to do it

without boasting.

It’s just there in your

email signature block that is free to use

as long as you put

a bit of thought into it.

It can be very powerful for you.

That’s really good.

And the third tool Marc?

very briefly, is a newsletter

on a regular basis

to your contacts to keep in touch.

Now, any zeen email

version of a newsletter

is so inexpensive, it’s actually free.

Two thousand contacts, a little bit more.

And you can get thousands of contacts

for a little small payment


Easy to use.

Even I can use it building up

different styles and templates.

And what would you put in?

Facts and figures,

Less promotional stuff the better

Clients want to read news.

They want to learn something.

Five ways to save you money.

Three things to prevent ransomware

intrusion on your IT systems.

Facts and figures.

And you can slip in new appointments,

profile a department,

get some message across.

OK, word of caution.

You have to have opt in, subscribed

people on your database.

GDPR rules are very important,

but a lot of people are,

shall we say, a bit too

concerned about it.

You know,

if you’ve been dealing with clients

in the past and contact them.

Like Paul, you and I are in in each other’s

database. We know each other for many years

referral groups, you know,

a pre-email might actually

be easy enough to get people

if they are concerned

that the don’t receive special offers

in news from Marc Thornton

that they can opt out.

So people you know,

it’s not going to be a difficulty.

You can’t just buy lists that are not

people have opted in for what

you might be sending to do.

So play it straight, build it up.

And you know what?

It’s always the last people

that are in touch with a client

when they need something.

That’s the one they remember.

So keep in touch.

Very simple.

Low cost.

That’s that’s really good advice.

I think that last point,

I think is very salient.

And so, Marc, just before we finish,

can you tell us a little bit

about DTA Marketing

and how people can get

in contact with you?

OK, well,

is our website.

What we do is we do outsource

marketing either on a project basis.

We do a lot of helping

people with their logos and brands

and websites changed

over the line and brochures.

Sometimes we do a bit

more detailed retainers

for strategic marketing.

And then lastly, we do

ongoing work, where nearly an executive

one day a week or so helping

the owner of companies do their business.

So if anyone Googles

me, Marc Thornton, they’ll find me.

Thanks a million.

That’s great Marc!

Thanks for coming on.

It’s a pleasure.

Thanks Paul. See you soon!