The role of marketing in your business -EP 003 of “The Marketing Hub”

On this episode of the The Marketing Hub we have marketing consultant Lissa McPhillips from giving an overview of what marketing does, what you need to think about and a great analogy of it’s role in your business.

The Marketing Hub series has experienced marketing professionals sharing their expertise, helping you to improve your marketing knowledge and grow your business. The host, Paul McDermott, owner of video agency, Social Video HQ is right there with you learning and hopefully demystifying marketing along the way.

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Today on The Marketing Hub

we’re going to talk about

what good marketing actually

accomplishes for businesses,

and I’m delighted to say

we have marketing consultant,

Lissa McPhillips from Dynamic Marketing here.

Hi, Lissa.

Hello, how are you Paul?

Thanks for having me on today.

Thanks for joining us, Lissa.

So, Lissa, I’m going to

get straight into it.

Lissa, what is marketing?

Well, for me, Paul,

marketing is about

bringing people to your front door

and having them interested

enough in you to ring your doorbell.

And then sales takes over

and sales brings

those people into the kitchen,

makes them a cup of tea,

makes them all comfy.

And then together, sales

and marketing work again

to bring them into the living room, light

the fire, open that bottle of wine,

get the nibbles out.

And they are never leaving you.

They are in for the night.

That’s what marketing is.

And Lisa, I love that

analogy, by the way.

It’s really good!

And how are you seeing businesses

using marketing at the moment?

Well, that’s a great question, Paul.

And to be honest with you,

from talking to business owners,

I really do think a lot of businesses out

there aren’t maximising

marketing to the best.

And again, from talking

to business owners, I think a lot of

it is around a

a misunderstanding

as to what marketing actually is.

So at a very high level,

good marketing will help you

identify who your target audience is

and what their challenges are,

what their pain points are

so that you can provide

a good solution to them.

It will also help you identify

who your competitors are,

which is very important. Right.

So who are they talking to?

What are they saying?

So that, again, you can

stand out from them.

You can set yourself apart.

And it’s about putting all that together

into a really good marketing plan

that will attract prospects

into your sales funnel,

brings them through, convert them

through into leads,

into paying customers.

And then again, a trick a lot of business

owners are missing out on

is that retention.

So how can you make sure that

they’re always going to remain customers

with you for life?

And marketing really is about finding

a good mixture of different activities

that will help you achieve all that.

And again, I’m seeing a lot of businesses

focus in on one specific area,

maybe social media,

or maybe they do ad

hoc tactical campaigns.


you can’t put all your

eggs in one basket.

A good marketing plan

will have a mix of digital,

social and traditional methods

and activities

that have the long term goal

of helping you achieve your

overall business goals and objectives.

So is that adding

revenue to the bottom line?

Is it increasing your brand awareness?

It’s very important that, you know,

ahead of time what those goals are.

And then you can run your marketing

to to deliver on those.

But another key thing to remember is

really for the best results,

marketing needs a long term approach.

If you’re going to kind of do ad hoc,

short, quick, sharp,

you’re not going to get the long

term effects

that good marketing can give you.


And that sums it up very well, actually,

that you have to be in for the long term.

That’s fantastic, Lissa.

And Lissa, just before we

go, could you tell us a little bit

about dynamic marketing

and the clients that you have

and how people can contact you?


Thanks so much. So.

Yes. Dynamic marketing.

I’m available at Lissa

My website is

I’m also on LinkedIn.

So please do reach out

and connect with me.

I work with clients

of all different sizes,

predominantly in the I.T.

and financial services space.

But I do have clients

in other areas as well,

and I offer a range of facilities.

I can work, I can act

as your outsource CMO, which

a lot of my clients like.

They don’t have in-house marketing

or maybe they’ve got junior staff

who need a little bit of guidance

every now and then.

And I can come in and again, be that

liaison between senior management

and the marketing team to make sure,

as I spoke about before,

the overall business goals

and objectives are being delivered upon.

I can also work on a project

by project basis.

And I also have some retainer clients.

So it really is about

finding the mixture

that works best for each business owner

and delivers for the business

that’s great Lissa.

Thanks very much for joining us today.

Thanks a lot, Paul, for having me.

I really enjoyed it.