If you have ever managed a paid ads campaign, then you have come across any or all of the following issues:

  • Do you have a high bounce rate from your paid ads?
  • Would you like to improve this?

Marketing expert Pradeep Dabas, from Salt Marketing, is with us today and he will be sharing his thoughts on the importance of landing pages for paid ads.

Giving some easy to implement advice on improving your website landing pages to increase your ROI.

He talks about visual hierarchy, clarity of message and call to action.

The Marketing Hub series has experienced marketing professionals sharing their expertise, helping you to improve your marketing knowledge and grow your business.

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Transcript of The importance of landing pages for paid ads. EP008 “The Marketing Hub”

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The importance of landing pages for our paid ads. Welcome to the Marketing Help. So we’re going to talk about the must haves for our landing pages to get better ROI. And I’m delighted to say today we have Pradeep from Solid Marketing here to help us with this. Hi, Pradeep. I was pretty delighted to have you on. So I think you’ve got three succinct points about why we should have on our landing pages so that we get much better ROI on on that on our paid ads.

00:00:35:04 – 00:01:20:18
So, Pradeep, I’ll let you take it away. Thanks. For absolutely. One of the most important task is to review your landing pages. A lot of business owners, they spend tons of money in acquiring visitors. Once when you start bringing visitors to your website and if they don’t find what they’re looking for or if the clarity is not there or if they can’t build a trust or navigation or not having the right call to action a quote cost you a high bounce.

00:01:21:15 – 00:01:52:22
Now, how high boundaries means when people come to your website and immediately believe you’re spending money, but your time is not as much as you expect. So today I want to talk about a couple of things. Three main points principles I should out, which every marketer or business owner should review. Number one priority. The first thing is your message.

00:01:53:17 – 00:02:19:18
What message are you going to deliver? A lot of the times people say something else in their ad copy, but when visitors go to their Web sites, they don’t find it For example, I was looking for a trampoline, right? So I typed a trampoline. Advertiser was advertising when I went to the landing page, they were selling scooters. Hmm.

00:02:20:02 – 00:02:47:21
And. That’s right. So you’re wasting money? Yep. Now, another example I was looking to buy tires, so I typed buy tires online. I went to the Web site and advertiser took me to his home page where he was talking about himself. I’m not interested. Second ad I clicked on. That was another a big company They wanted me to fill the forum.

00:02:48:06 – 00:03:16:22
How did you hear about this? I’m not going to fill the form. I don’t have time for part website. I click on was a Web site where they asked me to put the dimensions or make a model of the car. Next, I saw different tires with price reviews features Pangong Tso, obviously in less than 30 seconds. So the clarity of a message is very important.

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The problem is if you’re making your hard copy, you must fulfil the promise. So the second point I want to highlight here is call to action important to have them and call to action. You can’t miss it. Either you can put a button or put a forum. A forum should appear above the fold If you have a call to action.

00:03:45:22 – 00:04:20:19
Don’t forget to underline this. Let people see what action do you want them to take. One other thing you could do is to personalise it. Instead of saying instead of using generic, you’ll find the saying, I want to So people kind of take prompt action. Next step. The next principle I want to discuss is a landing page. Now, visual hierarchy is important.

00:04:22:09 – 00:04:57:00
Once when you kind of once when you bring people to the landing page, you must have a clear headline. What are you selling? Then you must put a sort of paragraph, maybe benefits or features, a supporting statement as you call it, tomorrow. The next section should talk about the product or service. So introduce your product or service Slowly move towards creating the trust.

00:04:58:02 – 00:05:28:00
If you have testimonials, if you have some sort of maybe a news association, all these things are important. Make sure to push them somewhere and it’s important you put them near the conversion button. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Another subtle thing you can push maybe things like you have two days left or maybe only a couple of parents left.

00:05:28:00 – 00:06:00:02
In the stock Don’t forget to put explainer videos either If people don’t know about your service or product, it’s good to have a video to explain it Maybe if you want to introduce some sort of guarantees or policies or refund policies, all these points are important. Yeah. And the way you described it there, you kind of have just from the top, right down to the bottom.

00:06:00:07 – 00:06:23:07
What should be on a landing page? That was really insightful. And of course, I’m in the video trade. I always say a video is worth a thousand words if you want to explain something about your product as well. So that’s really. Yeah. Yeah. So, Pradeep, it was great to have you on. Can you just give us the name of your company and the website and how people can contact you?

00:06:24:04 – 00:07:02:20
Certainly. The company is solid marketing. We are a digital marketing agency based in Dublin. We are a team of 11 people. We look at everything from a website development to marketing automation. So we use different channels for different industries. Like, for example, Facebook or Google or email marketing you can contact me via email of emails, info. And so marketing that is that is brilliant.

00:07:03:12 – 00:07:07:02
Thanks a million for coming on today and I’ll see you soon. Thank you.