Social Media Video Series
Telling Stories is What We Do
Our attention span on the internet is about 8 seconds. Viewers start losing attention at about the 30 second mark of any video. With this in mind, creating short repeatable segments that offer some insight or information that your target audience want, is a brilliant way of keeping attention over months and years. The great news is that they don’t need to be long or expensive, they just need to have a nugget of content that your target audience are interested in. We work with you to find these content pieces and can film a whole series in a day or two. You can then release these over a planned schedule.
“Videos of 15 seconds or less are shared up to 37 percent more times than videos that last for 30 seconds or more.”
Paul McDermott / Creative Director
Creative Director
Since 2009, we have produced 100s of videos for viewing online (corporate, documentary and event videos).
Our team works with you to communicate the essence of your business from concept to production and release on social media.
Paladrino D'oro, 2014
At the Palermo International Sport Film Festival for his documentary “The Druid’s Cage”
Kerry Film Festival, 2017
Runner-Up StoryStock #mynameis competition