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Do you require video or animation production for your social media? We have a solution that will fulfill your brief. Learning about your business, your brand & your audience, we will produce content that will engage that target audience. Here are some Social Media Video Production Tips to help you get more engagement

Social Media Video Production Tips. 1

Are your video intros too long or confusing?

💡To get better engagement-
⚡Keep you intros short and to the point.
⚡Let your audience know, straight away what the video is about.
⚡Your intro needs to inform and/or grab attention in the second or two you have.
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Social Media Video Production Tips 2 .
💡The first line of your video, also known as the “hook,” is crucial in catching viewers’ attention. 🤩

A hook should be a question or statement related to the topic of your video, that will intrigue viewers enough to stop scrolling and engage fully with your content. 💻🎥👍

Product Animation –  3D Animation of a Jägermeister bottle.
Working with a model from our partners, Using #digitaltwins to create creative product videos, is an area with a lot of possibilities for businesses.

Clontarf Aesthetic Dentistry, Brand Video
In this brand video we highlight the values, cutting edge technology and bespoke premises that all combine for excellent patient outcomes at Clontarf Aesthetic Dentistry.

M50 Safety Animation Series
One of a series of eight animations. These animations are focused on safety on the M50 with a positive, upbeat vibe. Different characters were created to make the storylines more engaging.

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