Short Documentary & Pro Bono Work Portfolio

Freddy The Leprechaun
The life of a street entertainer in Dublin; his thoughts and stories of working on the streets.
Runner-up in the Kerry Film Festival StoryStock #mynameis competition

The Táin
An arts video illustrating an old Irish tale called: “The Táin”. Lorcan Macmathuna, the project director got us onboard to create the video for this amazing piece of work

Kyrgyzstan Travel Hiking Video
This is a video of my trip to Kyrgyzstan. A little hard to get to but so worth it. Kyrgyzstan is a fantastic mix of cultures and ideologies with a rich history and an amazing varied landscape.

Hope in the Darkness
We created this video with Hope In The Darkness, one of the many groups helping the homeless on a daily basis in Dublin.
It was great to see the fantastic work they do, bringing a bit of light into people’s lives.