Identify your target audience – EP 001 of “The Marketing Hub”

Who are your target audience?

The first episode of “The Marketing Hub” podcast. Strategic marketing expert, Louise Murphy gives 3 Top Tips on how to identify your target audience.

The Marketing Hub series has experienced marketing professionals sharing their expertise, helping you to improve your marketing knowledge and grow your business. The host, Paul McDermott, owner of video agency, Social Video HQ is right there with you learning and hopefully demystifying marketing along the way. #marketing #strategicmarketing #socialvideohq

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– Hi, I’m here today with Louise Murphy

from Instigate Consulting. Hi Louise.

– Hi Paul, how are you?

– Not too bad, not too bad.

So Louise had a long career working in marketing

in many different areas.

I think Instigate Consulting concentrates

on strategic marketing.

Is that correct, Louise? – Yes, that’s right, yeah.

– And Louise, I think you’ve got some tips today

on how to identify your target audience.

– Yes, that’s right.

So quite often when I’m working with clients,

one of the first questions I would ask is,

“Tell me about your target audience,”

and unfortunately, quite often,

the answer that comes back would be,

“Well, we can sell to everyone.”

So that is the first tip, avoid the everyone campaign.

You have to pick a horse

to back in this race and go with it,

so focus on the one that is going to be most profitable,

most easy to work with, most opportunity in the market,

and that’s the one you go after.

It’s not to say you won’t sell to others,

but identify your favorite,

your top audience

to avoid- – Very good.

– The everyone campaign.

Secondly is write down

what your target audience profile looks like.

So there’s different things you can look at,

like demographics, or maybe the size of the company

or the industry if you’re offering a B2B product or service.

So write down everything you know

about that target audience.

What identifies them, what makes them the right fit for you,

and most importantly, where are they,

how will you find them,

and what marketing channels could you use?

And thirdly, to try

and really focus on the person,

because business is all about people.

Even if you’re selling B2B,

you are still a person selling to a person,

so focus on who that person is.

Where are they likely to live?

What are they likely to enjoy?

How can you communicate them?

What type of personality or character is this person?

Because that will really impact how you speak to them,

how your tone of voice comes across in your communication.

So if you can do that and focus on the person,

that will really help steer your marketing.

So just to recap, three tips, avoid the everyone campaign,

write down your target audience profile,

and then focus in on the person, your customer persona.

– That’s really good, that really resonates with me

in what I’ve been learning about myself recently.

Thanks a million for giving us those tips today.

– Thanks, Paul, take care.

Bye bye. – Cheers.