Don’t worry. We will work with you, giving examples, and based on our interactions come up with a video concept that suits you and your business…. and a video that looks great!

All you need is your knowledge and passion for your business. We will work with you from the ideas phase, into production and right through to posting your video online.

In one word…..short.
Your audience’s attention span is getting shorter. A study from wistia in 2016 found that if viewers saw a video was 2 minutes or more, it made them switch off in large numbers. They wouldn’t commit the time to viewing. Attention span has come down a lot more since 2016. Unless it’s an explainer video, it needs to be a minute or less. This is where a great script and editing come in, getting your message across in this time frame.

We can work with you on this giving you a voice over solution and tailoring the shoot accordingly.

We have a price structure for Brand Videos (link) and for more bespoke videos we will create a quote for you.

Production time does vary because of the many different parts involved, but if you are ready to go and want to fast track the process, it can be done in about 10 days.

  • After an initial consultation, we will send you a short questionnaire to fill out.
  • Pre-shoot meeting – Based on the questionnaire and our research we meet and discuss this information getting a full picture of your business and requirements. We also bring you up to speed on things such as SEO for video, posting online etc.
  • Script meeting – We go away and come up with a concept for your video. At the script meeting we present this and then sit down with you and go through the draft script.
  • Shoot day – The production team get all the visual and audio elements filmed.
  • Post Production – In our editing suite, we bring the video together, adding music and motion graphics. We grade and colour the draft video and send you a private link to view.
  • Mastering – After your approval we create the HD video in all of the different formats and send you the HD files. We also give you the information you need to post the videos to get the best response possible. If you want we can upload the videos to social media for you.

Not just for sales! Video can be hugely effective for a variety of business purposes, including social media series, staff inductions, explainers, business case studies, testimonials, promotions, recruitment, success stories, process explainers and much more!

The three things that contribute to the cost are the hours, the expensive equipment and the expertise it takes to create great, engaging video.

We have a price structure for Brand Videos and for more bespoke videos we will create a quote for you.