Animated Explainer Videos Portfolio

M50 Safety Animation Series
One of a series of eight animations. These animations are focused on safety on the M50 with a positive, upbeat vibe. Different characters were created to make the storylines more engaging.

Toolfast Animated Explainer
This animated explainer talks about Toolfast’s products, services and USP. It was a great way to show off the branding that Toolfast had created, showcasing their new online sales capabilities and new green ecological policy.

Skolaris Animated Explainer
A school timetable software product that does the work for you. We talked about the USPs of this ground-breaking software as well as answering questions that prospective clients might have.

Expertivity Animated Explainer 
Expertivtiy are an industry leader in LEAN training and implementation. They have developed Service Force, a software product, to help companies identify productivity issues and repetitive tasks that are a drain on their workforce. Again we talk about USP and answer queries.

Kendlebell Animated Explainer
One of Ireland’s leading contact centres, that offer many great back office services as well as call answering. We outlined these services, USP and showed advantages of using a service like this.

Leinster Hygiene Products Animated Explainer
In this explainer we show the breadth of products, but more importantly the service and expertise that you get when Leinster Hygiene Products are your supplier.