5 tips for filming better video with your phone

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Here is a link to a great video that goes through your microphone options when using a mobile phone-


Here are links to an example of a tripod and video light


Video Transcript –

In this video, I’m going to give you 5 easy tips for shooting video with your phone

Use a tripod, this makes it easier to film and gets rid of the shaky camera look.
Use a lav or lapel mic that will plug straight into your phone. The difference in sound will be mind blowing. I’m going to talk more about audio in a future video.

Film indoors, It’s just easier and avoids unwanted noise, lighting issues and distractions.

Set up the background that you want people to see. You can sit at your desk or stand in front of a nice backdrop, your call.

Try and keep your lighting constant. You can use the lighting in a room or for very little money you can pick up a video light.

These are things that you can slowly implement

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