Online Video Length + Content

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Video Transcript-

In this video I’ll talk about the length of online videos and a little about content.

How long should your video be?
A Good question

As long as it needs to be, but not too long.

Your audience’s attention span is getting shorter. A study from wistia in 2016 found that if viewers saw a video was 2 minutes or more, it made them switch off in large numbers. They wouldn’t commit the time to viewing.

Attention span has come down a lot more since 2016. Unless it’s an explainer video, it needs to be a minute or less.

We all know ourselves that this is the case as we are viewers and we do look at the length of a video and make an instant decision to continue viewing or move on.

If you have a lot of engaging information to give break it down into several videos

And most importantly, work on your content – what you are going to say.

I script all my videos, working out my language and content before I press record. This will lead to more focused content and greater engagement with your viewers.